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Living in Fort Pierce

The retirement community of Lake Forest Park is located in the historic town of Fort Pierce on Florida’s eastern coastline.  With its warm and sunny weather throughout most of the year, the waterfront community of Fort Pierce offers the perfect place for easy living retirement.

As one of the oldest communities on the eastern coast of Florida, Fort Pierce is part of the “Treasure Coast”.  The Treasure Coast is named after the sinking of a Spanish treasure fleet in 1715.  Since 1901, the city of Fort Pierce has grown in population and size with approximately 42,000 people residing in the city.  It has developed into a visitors destination, with points of interests such as shopping and dining in historic downtown, the Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts, The National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, and the Heathcote Botanical Gardens.

Located on Florida’s coastline, Lake Forest is near shopping, dining, entertainment, hospitals and churches.  Surrounded by quality schools, safe neighborhoods, and a variety of recreation options, it’s easy to make Lake Forest your retirement destination.


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